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The LoE Collections Come To Fruition

The Beginning

The LoE Collection is simply a dream forced to fruition by a overly stubborn Milwaukee child named Jack Loeffler who could never dream of conforming to the confines set before him. Growing up lower-class surrounded by older siblings brought hand n hand reward and resentment. While having many styles to choose between the old siblings clothes; he had to strive to prove his diversity among them and he set on a path very different from the other 5.

LoE's Creation

While taking on a more ‘High class street fashion’ approach he always dreamed of more and would admire dearly the designer items he would see around the more affluent cities. While having admiration for high end items he constantly struggled with the idea of moving on from brands he held so dear such as Jordan, Nike, etc. Especially when majority of the designer apparel he had seen was drastically overpriced and out of his realm of fashion. There was no compromise to this so he decided one simple thing; we make the two interdependent.

A Simple Dream

Everything to this point is owed to simply holding value within the styles and design you have curated for yourself. These clothes and the image you have illustrated to the world is essentially who you are. This is the beauty of fashion design; display who you are clearly without ever having to say a word. For every design within our store was inspired by our humble beginnings and the will to ascertain not only a sense of heightened status, but in doing so would not have to sacrifice what makes us who we are. Remember your upbringings. 

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